Healthy Food Ideas For A Child’s Party

Get-togethers, whether it is for elders or for the kids, are incomplete without the right kind of party foods. It becomes especially important, when you are hosting a kid’s party. Generally, children are extremely choosy about food and do not prefer to have anything. They need to be pleased by the look, feel and taste of the food. And in order to satisfy such finicky eaters, you really need to put in a lot of effort. However, putting in a lot of effort does not necessarily mean that you should include fast foods to please the children. You can also make arrangements for healthy foods for the child’s party.

Here are some healthy food ideas for a child’s party.

Make Foods With Interesting Shapes

If you serve attractive looking healthy food to children, it is more than likely that they would lap it up even before you could imagine. So, think of creative ways of presenting the food. Make use of cookie cutters to make beautiful homemade cookies. You can also use these to churn up some amazing looking sandwiches.

Cut in the shape of stars and flowers to create that one of a kind look. Use a combination of brown and white breads to create unique sandwiches with a healthy filling of cucumber, tomato and boiled eggs. Chicken can also be added inside the sandwiches for making it delicious. You can use some cream cheese and sauce to decorate the upper portion of the sandwich. Keep two round shaped cheese and form small eyes by attaching peas over it. And make a smiling face with red tomato ketchup.

Present Fruits In A Creative Fashion

Fruits generally do not appeal to children and most of them would be running away from it. But for a child’s party, you can easily make some fruit kebabs with different types of fruits. All you need to do is to cut small pieces of papaya, watermelon, kiwi, mango, guava, strawberries or any other fruit of your choice. Attach them alternatively on skewers and place it on the table. The colourful fruits would definitely attract the little ones at the party.

Another great way of fascinating kids is to offer them fruits in special fruit bowls. For this, you have to cut a watermelon into half and scoop out the pulp. Fill the boat shaped watermelon crust with small fruit pieces. Attach a few toothpicks along the sides of the boat. Let the kids have the fruits with these toothpicks.

Prepare Some Fruit Pops For Children

Fruit pops are savoured by most children and these can be easily made at home with some fruit juices. Take an orange, mango or mixed fruit juice and freeze it in the ice tray. Insert small sticks at the centre of each cube. Let it freeze and then serve it to children as fruit pops. These can be perfect alternatives for ice-creams.

Offer Fruit Juices As Beverages

Another healthy food idea for a child’s party consists of fruit juices. These can be easily made at home or can be purchased from the local store. Let each child have his or her own glass. And if you want to make the juice a little interesting, make a mocktail by combining different types of juices and a little bit of aerated cold drink. This will make a fantastic beverage for the party. You can also opt for cold chocolate milk shakes or fruit smoothies for your kid’s party.

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