High Cholesterol Foods To Avoid

In this ever changing world, it is very important to keep a watch on your diet. Diet plays a crucial role in preventing as well as causing several health conditions.

Recently, awareness has increased in the general public about the consequences of bad cholesterol. An increased level of bad cholesterol can cause many health problems and in severe cases it may also lead to a heart attack!

You can control the rise in the cholesterol level and also reduce the increased level of bad cholesterol by consuming low cholesterol diet. If you have the problem of high cholesterol, you must avoid the foods that are high in cholesterol and saturated fat.

Deep fried foods including shrimps, fries, chicken, deep fried butter, and other such deep fried foods can increase your cholesterol level and hence should not be consumed by people who have cholesterol problem. You may find some foods to be very healthy but when you deep fry these healthy foods they get converted into unhealthy ones and become your enemies.

Eggs are very nutritious food but their yolks should be avoided by people with high cholesterol. In fact, eggs are very high in cholesterol. You can enjoy eating egg whites. Other high cholesterol foods to be avoided are sausages, ham, and bacon.

You can get enough iron from liver intake but do not consume liver. It is very high in cholesterol because cholesterol is made as well as stored in this organ. And according to the American Heart Association’s recommendations, you should not consume more than 300 mg of cholesterol per day.

Milk is a healthy food, which can make your bones strong and healthy but if you are a person with high cholesterol you should consume only skim milk. Avoid all fatty milk products such as cheese, ice cream, yogurt, etc. Any ‘creamed’ food items are also not suitable for you and need to be avoided. Soups with fatty bases will also not prove to be beneficial for you.

Unhealthy snacks such as cookies and chips are high in trans fats and should be strictly avoided if you have been diagnosed with high cholesterol problem. Pastries, cakes, donuts, etc are high in cholesterol and contain a lot of useless calories. Hence, these food items should also be eliminated from your diet.

Some types of seafood like lobster are also high cholesterol foods to be avoided.