How To Cook Bruschetta

Bruschetta is an Italian preparation that can be prepared easily at home. Bruschetta is actually the art of placing tomato based preparation over small pieces of breads. Bruschetta can be consumed as a breakfast item or a light lunch or as an appetizer before the dinner. You can make bruschetta on hot coals or on a cast iron ridged griddle or in oven or can even use an ordinary grill.

Steps To Cook Bruschetta

Preparation time – five minutes
Cooking time – five minutes


Whole ripe plum tomatoes – six
Minced garlic – two cloves
Extra virgin olive oil -one tablespoon
Balsamic vinegar – one teaspoon
Chopped fresh basil leaves – six to eight
Salt – to taste
Freshly powdered black pepper – to taste
Baguette French bread or Italian bread
Olive oil – quarter cup


Immerse whole tomatoes in boiling water for one minute as this will help to peel off the tomatoes easily. Take out the tomatoes from the boiling water and mark an `X’ shape on both sides of the tomatoes, with a sharp knife. The skin around the `X’ mark can be pulled out easily, thus remove the whole skin till the flesh of the tomato is exposed.

Next cut the tomatoes in to half and scoop out all the seeds and thereafter gently squeeze the tomatoes to get rid of the excess fluid. Now cut the tomatoes in to cube shaped pieces and put it in a large bowl. Mix the diced tomatoes with minced garlic, salt, powdered black pepper, balsamic vinegar and one tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil. Mix the entire contents very well and add chopped basil leaves and combine with the rest of the ingredients.

Preheat the oven to 450 degree F. Slice the baguette French bread in to a diagonally half inch thick slices. This provides more surface area to the bread and provides a chic look. With the help of a pastry brush, make a coating of extra-virgin olive oil on one side of the bread. Then arrange these breads on a baking sheet, with the olive oil coated sides facing down.

Bake these breads in the oven for five to six minutes or till the bread attains a golden brown color and a crispy nature. If you have more bread slices, then you need to bake them in multiple batches. You can also toss the bread slices in a conventional grill. Once the bread is ready then you can spread the tomato mixture on top the toasted bread slices, over the olive oil coated side.

Alternatively you can also toast plain bread and make slashes on one side of the bread. Thereafter rub that side of the bread with open garlic cloves and drizzle about half teaspoon of olive oil over each bread slice. Care should be taken to assemble the bruschetta right before the guests, else the bread becomes soggy.

You can also serve the bowl containing tomato mixture and toasted bread slices separately, so that the guests can assemble the bruschetta as per their preference. You may also place fat free mozzarella cheese over the toasted bread slice before spreading the tomato mixture to make your bruschetta even more attractive and flavored.