How To Make Beer Batter Scallops

Scallops are delicious edible muscle of mollusks. There are two types of scallops and they are sea scallops and bay scallops.

Scallops grow in bivalve shaped shells and their white fleshy meat has a sweet taste.Bay scallops are smaller than sea scallops and are of half an inch diameter while sea scallops have about two inch diameter.

Scallops contain nutrients that are necessary for cardiovascular health and are a rich source of vitamin B12, omega 3 fatty acids, potassium, magnesium, selelnium, protein etc.

Scallops provide protection against colon cancer, hypertension, arthritis, skin disorders etc. and also boost the immune system.While buying scallops check whether the shells gets closed when pinched slightly, also check whether the scallop has sea smell rather than a fishy smell. These two characters are indicative of fresh scallop.

The flesh color of fresh scallops is light pink to ivory and a white scallop flesh indicates the flesh is soaked in tripolyphosphate to keep it plumper. Brown colored scallop flesh indicates they are older. If scallops are prepared using beer batter then it provides an enhanced taste to the dish as beer makes the batter more aerated and add color and flavor to the dish.

Ingredients To Make Beer Batter Scallops

Bay scallops- one pound or sea scallops- half pound
Flour- two cups
Dark beer- one can or one bottle
Salt- half teaspoon
Paprika- one teaspoon
Baking powder- two teaspoon
Egg- one
Cooking oil for frying

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Directions To Make Beer Batter Scallops

Rinse the scallops’ wells under cold water and remove any connective tissues if present. But retain attached roe if any and cook them along with scallops. Drain scallops on a paper towel and keep it aside for a few minutes.Thereafter transfer them to a plastic bowl.

Combine all the powders like baking powder, flour and salt in a large bowl and add paprika also to the bowl. Now mix them with egg and beer. Using a mixer or whisk blend the entire contents very well and stir them till the beer batter becomes smooth. Keep this batter for at least ten minutes.

In between mix the scallops with little flour by sprinkling some flour over the scallops in the plastic bowl and shake them well after closing the lid. Thereafter dip each scallop in the beer batter with the help of a fork or tongs but ensure that all the sides of scallops are coated well with batter. Then place them in a flat plate for five minutes.

Keep a frying pan over medium flame and add quarter cup of cooking oil for frying. Once the oil is heated then add the scallops one after other. Fry both the sides properly for about two minutes each or till it becomes golden brown in color. Over cooking of scallops may spoil the dish as scallops become tough with excessive cooking. Serve the hot beer batter scallops and enjoy the dish.

If there are excess scallops than your immediate requirement then wrap them in a wet paper towel and keep the covered scallops in a bowl. You can store these double wrapped scallops in freezer for two months.

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