How To Make Chicken Nuggets

How To Make Chicken Nuggets Chicken nuggets are easy-to-prepare and rank high on the taste and satisfaction quotient. Based on personal preferences, chicken nuggets can be prepared in the sinful or healthy way.

Healthy Chicken Nuggets

Here is a simplified healthy way on how to make chicken nuggets at home. Crushed corn flakes or potato chips can also be used when readymade bread crumbs aren’t handy.

Preparation time- 30 minutes
Baking time- 30 minutes
Cooking time- 8-10 minutes
Serves- 16 chicken nuggets


Breast of chicken (2)
Prepared dry bread crumbs (1 cup) or bread slices (six)
Egg (2)
Canola oil (1/2 cup)
Mixed herbs or parsley/thyme/basil individually (one teaspoon)
Salt and freshly grounded black peppercorns to taste
All purpose flour (1/2 cup)


Begin by trimming or cutting off any surplus fatty or bony presence on the chicken breasts, if required. Dice the chicken into (1 to 2 inches) chunk-sized pieces using a sharp knife. These would either go into the blender or the step omitted for people having preference for the little tenderloin part of a breast piece.

All those who don’t have readymade breadcrumbs could prepare their own batch. For breadcrumbs preparation the bread slices must be dry or stale. However, if you have fresh bread then they must be dried by placing them in an oven which is set at one hundred degrees Centigrade for about sixty minutes. Ensure that the slices don’t get toasted and merely dry up.

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The slices can then be blended into a crumbled form. Your choice of flavourings can be added at this point, for instance, some herb or spice, garlic powder or parmesan cheese. Those who like to keep it simple can simply include freshly cracked black peppercorns and salt.

We now proceed with blending the chicken chunks by pulsing together the chunks till they are almost chopped. Some mixed herbs, kosher salt and crushed peppercorns can also be added at this point. This blending step is inapplicable for people who love their “chicken tenders”.

Now properly whisk the duo eggs in a small glass bowl and use as egg wash for coating the chicken chunks. The trio bowls of all purpose flour, chicken mince, egg wash and bread crumbs must be lined up in close proximity to one another for coating the nuggets prior to frying/baking them.

For shaping the nuggets begin by dusting some flour on your hands to avoid them from getting too clammy. Remove out some of the blended chicken mix and form a rough ball shape by rolling it in between the palms of your hands.

Now, completely cover the nuggets in the flour, dust off any excess and then place them in the egg mixture. The nuggets are finally coated with bread crumbs and then lightly pressed down on to form the classic shape of nuggets.

A useful tip is always placing the coated chicken on a wire rack for drying them prior to placing them in a foil-lined baking sheet. The drying wire rack would certainly help to make the chicken nuggets crispier and the aluminum foil will make the cleaning process easier.

During the coating process always try to switch your hands so that one of them handles just the wet ingredients whereas the other one is used solely to handle dry ingredients. This tip will prevent your fingers from getting too sticky.

Use some cooking spray over the foil-lined baking tray and place the coated chicken chunks at a distance apart from each other. Place the baking tray inside a preheated oven that has been set at 375 degrees for around fifteen minutes. Now remove the tray, change sides and place again for a further fifteen minutes.

With a pair of tongs place the nuggets in a serving dish and serve with either ketchup or sauce of choice. The coated chicken chunks can also be fried in canola oil which has been placed in a large frying pan set at medium-hot temperature.

Once the oil is hot then the nuggets must be gently placed and ensure gentle cooking for around five minutes and turn them in few minutes intervals to prevent them from getting burnt. Check for firmness by breaking open a nugget which is a sign that it is ready to eat.

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