Hypothyroidism And Diet

Thyroid glands are responsible for secretion of thyroid hormones which regulate the various functions of our body.Hypothyroidism is a disorder of the thyroid gland which results in inadequate secretion of these thyroid hormones.

This results in a number of disorders because of the inability of the body to function without adequate amount of thyroid hormone.For instance, hypothyroidism lowers the metabolic rate of the body which results in inefficiency to burn calories and hence causes weight gain.

It also reduces the immune power of the body and hence a person suffering from hypothyroid is likely to acquire almost all ailments fast.So you should understand that hypothyroidism is a very serious disorder and should not be ignored.It should be dealt with as soon as you can and eliminated for good health.

The good news is that by following a healthy lifestyle and diet you will be able to get rid of hypothyroidism.You obviously need your doctor’s supervision also to get cured fast.To begin with, start working out and eat healthy.Include plenty of fruits and vegetables to your diet.These are rich source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and hence will help you get cured fast.

Eat foods rich in fibers like oats, wheat, barley, whole grain foods etc.Keep away from red meats and eat low fat lean meats to stay fit.Drink plenty of water to keep your metabolic rate high.Munch on nuts like walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts etc. instead of fried chips.These are rich source of antioxidants are is very healthy.Omega-3 fatty acids are very good for curing hypothyroidism and keeps you healthy and fit.

Tuna, salmon, mackerel, flax seed oil etc. contain omega-3 fatty acids.So do include omega-3 fatty acids to your diet. Keep away from white foods like white flour, white rice etc. and stick to brown foods.Also ensure that you have more of organic foods and keep away from processed foods.

Quit habits like smoking, drinking etc. to get cured of hypothyroidism as these ailments are known to lower your immunity.Limit your intake of beverages containing caffeine as caffeine can worsen this condition.Switch to green tea instead which is very good for health and its antioxidant properties will help you get cured fast.Regular visits to your doctor and these diet tips will help you get cured of hypothyroidism.