Ill Effects Of Junk Food

Human bodies have sufficient stamina to take care of the eating of occasional junk foods. At the same time it is very harmful to consume junk food, hence it is in our hands to choose either junk food or our health.  Because of the consumption of junk food, the following important health complications are likely to occur:

Loss of concentration: Junk food contains a good quantity of oil and fat and it is difficult to digest when junk food is consumed and high amount of enzymes and blood are required for digestion. A good portion of the blood of the body is diverted to the intestine resulting in the drowsiness and loss of concentration or reduced concentration.

Weakness due to energy loss: Nutrients required for human body are not there in junk food. Most of the junk foods contain harmful carbohydrates, fats and cholesterol which do not have useful energy, result of which is weakness in the body.

Diseases of the heart: Heart diseases like cardiac arrest, atherosclerosis and myocardial infraction are likely to occur by eating junk foods. Junk food contains excess quantity of low density lipoproteins and that is the reason for the heart diseases. The ultimate result of the same would be the formation of plaques leading to extra efforts by the heart for pumping blood into the arteries. The excess concentration of salt and sugars leads to hurdles for heart functioning and the excess sodium ions increases the blood pressure. Being away from junk foods to a great extent it is possible to keep our heart away form such malicious diseases that are common now-a-days.

Failure of Liver: Presence of fat, cholesterol and salt in the junk foods is harmful to the liver which is an integral part of our human body and it gets damaged due the consumption of junk foods.

Diabetes: One of the reasons for the diabetes is the consumption of junk foods that damages the pancreas.

Junk food does not contain minerals, vitamins and the nutrients that are seen in the foods cooked properly. When the body is not getting sufficient and necessary minerals and vitamins for good health, it is very sure to affect diseases that are permanent in nature and the same would end in tragedy. Improper and excess consumption of junk food not only causes malicious deceases but also releases factors for aging effects.