Importance Of Breakfast In Your Daily Meals

Some of us skip breakfast thinking it might help in reducing the extra weight. But studies now have shown that it is those who had their breakfast regularly and properly did lose their weight than those who skipped. Here are some of the reasons experts say why you shouldn’t skip your breakfast:

Lack of concentration: Studies have shown that those who haven’t had breakfast had less concentration. Since you are starved from last night your body will be having less energy and so it might make you more drowsier leading to lack of concentration.

Eat more to weigh less: Researchers have shown that people who tend to have breakfast everyday showed signs of losing weight. When you skip breakfast you are hungry by the lunch time and what you do is to devour a lot. Thus it results in increase in weight.

Have a good day: We are starved by the time wake up in the morning. It is breakfast that set tone for the day. Having breakfast in the morning will help in high metabolic rate which will lead to high energy. That will keep us energetic all through the day.

Mood swings: Being hungry will affect your mood. While at work or at school when you are hungry your mood might be a little irritated and that will result in the destruction of intra personal relationship. People who have their breakfast seem to be ok with their mood and enjoy good relation with others.

Have a good balanced breakfast: Make sure you have your breakfast and that too not in a high manner. Having a large amount of food for your breakfast might make you dull. Your breakfast should be a mixture of oat meal and other soluble fibres.

Be a model for your children: If you are family man /women, make it a point that you set a good example for your child to follow. Its you he or she will be looking up to while in the part of growing up. If they see you skipping breakfast they get a wrong notion about breakfast.

Breakfast is an important part of our daily meal and it is our responsibility to our own body that it is properly maintained. So make it a point that you never skip your breakfast so that you can keep yourself away from obesity or other related health issues.