Increase Your Immunity

We all want to have a healthy and illness free life. For this we need to look within ourselves and check our own bodies. The world we live in today is full of pollution and dust and the air we breathe is not clean. There are numerous insects in the air and our bodies are constantly exposed to all of this which is obviously harmful to us .This causes infections in our body and makes us ill. We may or may not get sick depending up on the immunity our body has. The higher the immunity the less chances of getting ill.

Our immune system can be affected in more ways than one. Your immunity will fall if you have not been sleeping well or have high stress. Eating right and exercising is not the only way to boosting immunity. You should be happy and relaxed most of the time. High caffeine intake and excess sugar, smoking and alcohol are all responsible in lowering your immunity.

If you have low immunity most doctors will give you medication in the form of iron supplements. Taking this will affect you in other ways as excess of it will cause constipation and hardened stools, which will stress you out and further lower your immunity. It is better to increase your intake of beetroot and dates as they are high in their iron content and will in turn increase your immunity in fighting of disease.

Avoid all types of preserved foods as they are coated in chemicals. Eat more raw vegetables in the form of salads. Start munching on a variety of nuts like almonds, and cashews. Besides your food intake it is also necessary to keep your surroundings clean and clutter free to avoid mosquitoes from breeding. Make sure your hands are washed regularly as most germs pass through your hands when you wipe your nose or mouth or your eyes. Make sure you use a good soap and keep your own body clean by also bathing twice a day.

For those who smoke, it is going to lower not only their immunity but the immunity of those around them as well. Stay away from the smokers if you want to lead a healthier lifestyle. Simple walking everyday even for fresh air will keep you healthy and happy. Light exercising, less stress and a healthy diet and a clean environment will all together play an important role in boosting those immunity levels.