Interesting Chicken Recipes For Dinner

Tangy Chicken Salad Try out these palate-refreshing chicken recipes for dinner and be pleasantly surprised with the delicious results.

Tangy Chicken Salad

The flavourful spices in the curry mix combined with the sweetness, crispness and tartness of the fruits lends a great taste to the chicken salad along with the creamy avocado.

Preparation Time: 15 minutes
Cooking Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 45 minutes
Serves: 4

Ingredients For Curry Mix

Coriander-cumin powder (duo tablespoons)
Cardamom powder (one tablespoon)
Turmeric powder (one tablespoon)
Chilli powder (half teaspoon)
Ginger powder (quarter teaspoon)
Mustard powder (half tablespoon)


Curd, non-fat (185 milliliters)
Green apple, cubed (1)
Avocado, cubed (half)
Mango, cubed (1)
Chicken (800 grams)
Curry mix (five tablespoonfuls)
Salt and freshly ground peppercorns as per taste


The chicken is generously seasoned with some sea/kosher salt and freshly ground peppercorns followed by a rub down with some butter. Place in preheated oven set at 375 degrees Fahrenheit till it isn’t pink any more. Shred chicken once it’s cooled.

The curd is thoroughly combined along with curry mix and salt in a vessel. The chicken shreds are then mixed with the cubed apple, avocado, mango and stirred well in another container. The contents of the duo containers are then finally mixed together. Serve by itself or as a filling in sandwiches or pita breads.

Delicious Chicken and Dumplings

Chicken and dumplings is a truly comforting and healthy dish. The pastry flour used herewith instead of plain flour aids in making the dumplings light. Lightly brown the flour with the fats prior to pouring the stock to add greater flavour to the sauce.

Chicken and Dumplings

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Preparation Time: 15 minutes
Cooking Time: 45 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour
Serves: 6

Ingredients for Dumplings

Pastry/cake flour (240 grams)
Butter, liquid consistency (duo tablespoons)
Baking powder (duo teaspoons)
Whole milk (180 milliliters)
Salt (three-quarter teaspoon)
Pounded cilantro, parsley (half tablespoon)

Procedure for Dumplings

The dry constituents are firstly sifted together in a bowl after which the wet ingredients are added and gently folded with a wooden spoon. Mix in the pounded herbs for added flavour. We are looking for a dense and cake-similar consistency. Avoid over-mixing the batter as the dumplings wouldn’t turn out soft and light after cooking.

Ingredients for Sauce

Chicken, cooked and shredded (1000 grams)
Garlic pods, bashed (4)
Bamboo shoots, pre-cooked, sliced (50 grams)
Snow peas, chopped (one-quarter cup)
Carrots, diced (3)
Bay leaf, large (1)
Plain flour (30 grams)
Whipping cream (one-quarter cup)
Extra-virgin olive oil (one tablespoon)
Butter (30 grams)
Freshly prepared chicken stock (1500 milliliters)
Freshly cracked black peppercorns, for garnishing
Cilantro, parsley leaves, finely chopped, for garnishing

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Procedure for Sauce

The fats are melted in a large pan placed over moderate flame. The veggies are added along with the bay leaf and mashed garlic. Continue sautéing for around 4-5 minutes till veggies have softened. Mix in the plain flour whilst constantly stirring and lower the flame. Continue cooking for duo minutes for coating the flour and making the roux. Once the starchiness has been removed then add the chicken stock into the vessel in one cupful installments and stir properly after every instant.

Continue simmering the sauce till adequate thickening has occurred (the ladle is coated with the sauce). Gently pour in the whipping cream.

The chicken shreds are then stirred into the vessel and the mixture is slowly simmered. The batter for the dumplings is then meticulously dropped into the searing mix in heaped tablespoons at a time. Avoid crowing the surface with too many dumplings to the extent that they touch one another. Allow gentle poaching for ten to fifteen minutes with lid on till they appear puffed and are cooked to the core (check with toothpick). Add some freshly crushed black peppercorns and some finely chopped herbs just prior to serving in platters.

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