Lemonade For a Fit body

A slim and fatless body is what we all dream for. We often keep on wondering about the fitness of our favorite celebrities and we keep on wondering about how they maintain such great glamorous bodies.

We often keep on thinking whether it is the exercise or it is the supplements or the food that they eat, but we do not get the answer and we end up dreaming about such great body. But now this dream can come true and you can also have a body that matches with your favorite celebrity or may be you can achieve much glamor results. Shocked? Well yes, a lemonade diet can actually help you get your always dreamed about figure and you can flaunt your body in any way that you like.

Lemonade diet
has all about staying on lemonade i.e lemon juice and water mixed with maple syrup. This diet normally is for ten days but if needed then you can extend this diet to fourteen days too. You have to start your day with one glass of lemonade and through out the day you have to drink this only.

If you are thinking that you will feel hungry then do not worry as water is filling and would not leave you hungry. But yes, you are sure to feel feverish, week, fatigue etc but all this is just temporary and will go in just two days. After two days itself you would start feeling light and would see some difference in your body too. After five days, you can take a small cup of tea along with some roasted dry fruits.

Within just ten days you would be able to loose at least three to four inched from your waist and tummy. This diet plan helps in regularizing the bowel movements in your body and this way all the waste food and accumulated fat in the body flushed out from your system and no new fat forms as there in no intake of food. Go try it out and this diet plan is so safe that you can go for it in every three months.