Lose weight in the GM way: GM diet plan and its benefits.

If you think the only contribution of General Motors is to provide super fast and elegant cars, think again!. GM also help health freaks world wide to have an elegant and trimmed body by a diet plan introduced by them(for it employees to improve productivity) known as ‘GM Diet’.

GM diet is popular worldwide for its capacity to burn calories, reduce weight and that extra flab and bring back your energy in just a few days (7 days to be specific). The main goal was to attain higher fitness level and productivity for all its employees.

The procedure to be followed:

• You should drink at least 10 glasses of water on each day of this plan at regular intervals.

• Alcoholic products are strictly prohibited during this plan.

• First day of the plan should see you eating only fruits except banana. Try to include more juicy fruits like watermelon.

• You should have only boiled (or cooked) and raw vegetables on the second day but they should not be cooked with oil.

• You should have both vegetables and fruits on the third day.

• You should have only banana and milk on the fourth day.

• You should have beef/chicken/fish with tomatoes on the fifth day. Increase your intake of water.

• You should have chicken/beef and vegetable for the sixth day.

• The last and seventh day should be started with a fruit juice and you can have rice and vegetable in small quantity. A gap of 3-5 days is recommended before restarting this diet.

The key advantages or benefits are discussed:

  • One of the fastest ways to reduce weight (at least 2-5 kg a week).
  • Improves energy level by burning more calories.
  • Improves your digestive system and cleans the system.
  • Helps to cope with diseases like asthma, heart disease, blood pressure, etc. linked with obesity.
    Helps to bring back you in shape.
  • Improves to have a better sleep and hence refresh your body and mind.

Although GM diet is been followed worldwide as an effective mean of losing weight and get rid of obesity, it is always recommended to consult a doctor before starting this diet and consume lots of water during the course of this diet. Cheers!.