Make Delicious And Lip Smacking Szechuan Sauce

If you have had the chance of tasting Chinese food in both India and china, then you must surely have noticed the changes in the cooking and eating style. While in China the use of multiple spices is very limited, Indian Chinese food is more about food with a chili twist.

Szechuan recipes are very common in most Indian restaurants and have the same taste irrespective of what is used. Here is very quick and simple way to make taste Szechuan sauce that you can use in making mouthwatering Szechuan rice, Szechuan paneer, Szechuan chicken and lot more.

Ingredients For Szechuan Sauce

20 red chilies

Garlic (2:1 ratio of chilies), chopped finely

Ginger (1:1 ratio of chilies), chopped finely

Salt as per taste

Ground pepper, two teaspoon

Green Chili sauce, three teaspoon

Soya sauce, one teaspoon

Sugar, half a teaspoon

Vinegar, one teaspoon

Oil to fry

Method To Follow:

This recipe needs some follow up the previous night. Take the red chilies, remove the stems and cut in small pieces. Soak in warm water and leave overnight.

Take the chilies the next morning and drain the water. Grind all the chilies by adding a few drops of water to make a smooth paste. If you think there is enough smoothness, don’t add extra water. The paste is meant to be very thick.

Heat oil in a pan and let the oil start giving steam. In other words, the oil should be very hot. Add the garlic and fry for next five minutes. Once the garlic starts getting a brown to golden color, add the ginger as well and cook for 1o minutes.

Add pepper and soy sauce and cook on medium flame for a few minutes. Add the chili sauce and further stir for five minutes. Add salt as well.

Finally add the grounded red chilies and cook for another five minutes. If you think that the heat is burning the sauce, keep the flame to medium to low but don’t let the oil cool.

To make the gravy of the sauce, add one cup of warm water and bring to boil. Add the vinegar and sugar as well. Your Szechuan Sauce is ready for usage.

The Cooking Bible

This recipe can differ in the cooking process as every restaurant or sauce maker uses their own sensibilities to create the taste. Szechuan Sauce can be stored for a week in the refrigerator and can be used for making dry items as well. Just add the main ingredient (i.e. boiled chicken, fried paneer or tofu) and boil with the sauce. You can also add boiled vegetables to make your own recipes. Many restaurants serve mixed vegetables cooked in authentic Szechuan Sauce. This sauce can also be used in making chili recipes as well. While you might think of buying readymade sauces available in the market, making your own Szechuan Sauce can be more interesting and tasty. Try out making some chicken on Szechuan Sauce next weekend for the entire family and enjoy a perfect Chinese food day.
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