Mediterranean Diet

There are many diets resorted by people all over the world. While some are beneficial, most are not. Each part of the world, flaunts a specific kind of diet plan that would ensure weight loss. Mediterranean Diet is one such well known diet plan that is recognized by people worldwide.

The best part about this diet plan is that not only does it triggers weight loss but also increases the level of immunity in a person. Research shows, that opting for Mediterranean diet would ensure that your risks of attracting cancer and other lethal ailments are reduced.

The Mediterranean diet has been inspired from the shores of Spain and is based on the various virtues of olive oil. We all know, that olive oil is good for heath and induces fat loss in our body. As per the diet chart, one can consume large quantities of olive oil, legumes, cereals and fibres in their daily life.

Unlike other diets, they need not abstain from other fatty products. On the contrary, the Mediterranean diet allows you to indulge in dairy products, fish and chicken but in limited quantities.

The idea is to cook all your food in olive oil. There are in numerous recipes that are easily found on the internet made with pure olive oil. Olive oil is known for its various virtues. It is known to have certain elements in them that ensure that the fatty cells in the body are combated with and reduced. You can toss up a number of delicious and nutritious salads with the help of olive oil.

There are various versions of olive oil, which is easily available in the market. Amongst the various kinds available, the most famous variety is the extra virgin olive oil. As the name rightly suggests, this olive oil is ripped off from its entire fatty elements, which makes it leaner. Hence, this version of extra virgin olive oil is used in most recipes in the Mediterranean diet.

Apart from losing weight, doctors also prescribe Mediterranean diet to those who suffer from severe heart ailments. Olive oil is known to be beneficial for heart patients.