Melt-in-the-mouth Mooncake Recipe

Mooncake Recipe Delicious mooncake is a traditional baked delicacy that is conventionally savoured by the Chinese during the Mid-Autumn or Moon Festival commemorated for worshipping the moon.

Melt-in-the-mouth Mooncake Recipe

Traditionally every mooncake bears an impression on its surface that signifies Chinese symbols like the flower, rabbit, moon or vine. Although molds can be used for preparing this delicacy there are many who hand-shape them and carve elaborate patterns over them. Mooncake comprises of a thin-crusted covering that encases a luscious, sugary intense filling that is simply heavenly to eat.

Preparation Time: 40 minutes
Cooking Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 60 minutes
Serves: 6

Ingredients for the Dough

Well-sifted multipurpose flour (220 grams)
Simple syrup (130 millilitres) or dark brown sugar (45 grams)
Refined maize oil (seventy milliliters)
Ionized water (one teaspoon)
Dried yeast (half teaspoon) or baking powder (one teaspoonful)
Plain melted butter (2 ounces)
Vanilla extract (0.5 teaspoon)
Dried milk powder (30 grams)
Egg (1)
Salt (one-eighth teaspoon)

Ingredients for the Filling

Melon seeds (1 tablespoon)
Chopped walnuts, apricots, dates, sweet grated coconut (150 grams each)
Raisins (90 grams)
Lotus seed paste/ Red azuki bean paste (a cupful)
Soft butter (30 grams)

Ingredients to Coat the Mooncakes

One yellow of an egg
Sesame seed oil (half teaspoon)


The first step for making mooncakes is the dough preparation for which the dry ingredients are to be firstly mixed together in a medium-sized bowl. Next, the simple syrup, egg and butter are beaten together or the brown sugar whipped well along with the egg and butter (till you get strand-like dropping consistency) which is then added into the bowl. Pour the vanilla extract and oil to the mix and knead well to get a soft, play-dough like consistency. Set the dough aside for around fifteen to twenty minutes.

Although Lotus seed paste isn’t easily available it is preferred in the mooncake preparation as it tends to proffer a creamy feel to it. Combine all the cited ingredients along with the lotus seed paste to make a delicious filling and set aside.

The dough must then be rolled over a lightly floured work surface to form a longish winding shape measuring around one-eighth inch in thickness and equal portions are to be severed from the dough.

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Follow the proportion of fifteen grams dough for enveloping thirty-five grams of prepared filling to make a perfect mini mooncake.

Every portion of the dough must then be flattened out with your hands to form a three inches wide disc such that the central part is thicker as compared to the rims. Also, the disc which must be gently pressed inside the mold should be sufficiently large enough for easily lining the base and sides of it. Now spoon out some of the filling and place it in the dough lining the mold and all the edges must be gathered together to seal the filling and pinched for sealing it.

In a slow and gentle manner the cake is to be pressed inside the mold to get the design pattern on top and smoothing out the base. After this step the mold is to be held with the mooncake base faced downwards and bang the mold on a firm surface on all sides to dislodge the cake from the mold and then open it. You will get a perfectly shaped and designed mooncake. This procedure must be repeated till all the dough portions have been used.

The moulded mooncakes should then be glazed all over with the sesame seed oil and egg yellow mixture after placing them on a greased baking tray at a distance of an inch away. The mooncakes are now baked in a preheated oven set at 220 degrees Celsius for around ten minutes, taken out for re-glazing and baked for further ten minutes till they acquire a light golden-brownish appearance. Take out from the oven and allow them to return to room temperature prior to serving them.