Miracle Diet – A Miraculous Weight Reducing Diet

Miracle Diet Obesity or overweight is a major issue in today’s world as most of the people work in front of the computers for long hours and do not take the pains to do any physical exercises.

The younger generation works twelve to sixteen hours a day to be with today’s competitive world which leave them with little time to do any kind of exercises. Moreover they gulp a lot of high calorie fast foods which may also result in over weight. For such people, dieting along with slight exercises in between work is the only means to get rid of their weight.

But many people are starved for free time and may get frustrated if they reduce the diet. Here comes the importance of miracle diet that helps the dieters to stick to the plan and help them to reduce their weight easily and without any craving for food or starvation. Miracle diet is a diet program that combines diet, exercise and drinking water.

The major principal of miracle diet involves the management of blood sugar level which in turn prevents the craving for unhealthy foods such as starches, sugar, caffeine, alcohol etc. If the sugar level in the blood is stable then the person have stable energy level and will reduce his carving for junk foods and help him to concentrate more on his work.

Miracle diet consist of three main meals and three to four small snacks and there are hard and fast rules about the timing of the meals. Take the breakfast with in thirty minutes of getting up and ensure that the lunch is taken before 1 pm and have the dinner just before 7 pm. Get the snacks in between the meals and do eat something in every three hours.

So the dieter can have one or two small snacks in between the breakfast and lunch and similarly in between the lunch and dinner. Care should be taken to limit the snacks to low glycemic index vegetables and fruits such as celery, apple, melon etc and utmost care should be taken to avoid foods that have high glycemic index such as bananas, yogurt, grapes, bagels etc as it alter the blood sugar level.

High glycemic index foods increase the blood sugar suddenly and after a few hours this level gets decreased and the person have an urge to eat again while the low glycemic index foods releases glucose slowly to the blood and thus regulates the blood sugar level which in turn keeps the person full for a  long period of time. Breakfast of a miracle diet should include complex carbohydrates and protein while lunch and dinner consist more of proteins and vegetables.

Otherwise a miracle diet juice is available in the market and is made up of natural fruits, fruit purees, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and essential oil. Dieter can drink this juice alone for two days and they may not feel any craving for food as this juice regulates the blood sugar level. Once the targeted weight is attained, then slowly reintroduce low calorie, low fat foods to maintain the weight loss.

This juice is a detoxifier that helps to lose 4.5 to 16.5 pounds. Miracle diet acts as a mild detoxifier and laxative that aids in losing fat, water weight and weight due to waste materials. Since miracle diet is a mild laxative diet it helps to lose the weight due to the expulsion of fecal matter and other waste products from the body and hence it can also be called a cleansing diet.

While burning the fat the body has also a tendency to burn the muscles and in order to avoid the loss of muscle the dieter should exercise as body burns muscles only when it is not used properly. So work your muscles by walking, using staircase in office and house, stretching in between the long working hours etc. Above all, more the muscles in the body, more the chances to burn fats.

Miracle diet burns fat and creates lot of waste products within the blood which has to be cleared frequently from the blood stream. Hence the dieter should drink plenty of water to dilute the blood and to flush the toxins out of the body.

Otherwise blood absorbs more water from the tissues which in turn makes the brain to send signals to slow down the fat burning process till the blood is properly diluted and thus hinder the weight loss. Above all when a person does not drink enough water then body sense a scarcity of water and tries to retain more water within the body instead of flushing it out. Thus drinking more water reduces the tendency of the body to retain water in the body.

Sample diet


Oatmeal along with egg white scramble


Any of low glycemic fruits such as apple, orange, cantaloupe, strawberry etc


Take chicken breast along with a good low fat green salad made out of celery, bell pepper, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce etc


Any one of the low glycemic index fruits


Vegetables and baked turkey

A miracle diet thus avoids the refined carbohydrates, sugars, fatty and processed foods and addresses the emotional components that influence overeating. Emotional over eating occurs when a person starved for a long period and then allowed to take food but in miracle diet the person can eat in every three hours interval.

But at the same time it limits the intake of many foods such as sugar, refined carbohydrates, high glycemic index foods etc. This may create problems in many people to stick to the plan for a long period of time but once the weight is stabilized then occasional indulgence is allowed. In order to follow this diet the dieters must know the glycemic index of the foods.

Consuming proper breakfast is again beneficial to control the weight. Moreover miracle diet can be followed by people having carbohydrate addiction, insulin resistance or vegetarians. If proper care is not taken then the dieters will regain their lost weight after stopping this diet plan. Hence stick to the miracle diet plan and remain fit and healthy.