Most Famous Italian Cheeses

Of all the cheeses that are available all around the world, Italian cheeses are considered to be absolutely relishing, mouthwatering and in short “The Best”.  Italy is famous for various food items, however cheese if definitely one of its top famous food items. There are almost 700 varieties of cheeses that come from the Italian stable, however not all of them are popular or for that matter even known to all.

Italian cheeses are widely available and consumed all around the world. In fact, popularity of Italian cheeses can be gauged by the fact that they are often preferred by the consumers as compared to the cheeses of their home countries.

Following are famous Italian cheeses:


Mozzarella is considered to be the most popular Italian cheese from the Italian cheese stable. Mozzarella is made from buffalo milk and not from the usual cow milk. Mozzarella is manufactured in various countries such as Switzerland, US, Australia, India etc. However, mozzarella cheese made in Italy is considered to be the most authentic of all. Mozzarella is soft creamy and once eaten gives a silky fresh fell in your mouth. Infact, mozzarella is always used as a topping for another famous Italian food item i.e. pizza. In addition, mozzarella is also put in Italian pasta and various other Italian dishes as well. Mozzarella tastes great, even if it is eaten as it is, without combining it with any other food item.


Ricotta in Italy means recooked. Ricotta is another famous Italian cheese, which is cooked using whey. Whey is in fact a byproduct of cheese production and is limpid, low fat and nutritious liquid by nature. Ricotta is a fresh and creamy cheese made from cow as well as sheep’s milk. Ricotta looks like a regular cottage cheese. In fact, ricotta is often referred as a byproduct of mozzarella production or a grainy Italian version of cottage cheese. Ricotta is used in various exotic Italian dishes such as Pizza, lasagna and ravioli.


Mascarpone is referred to as the luscious cream cheese in the Italian stable and is more often compared to American cream cheese. Since mascarpone consists of lot of cream, it is a major source of butterfat. Mascarpone cheese is many times used as an alternative for whipped cream in desserts. One vital thing that needs to be taken care about the mascarpone cheese is that it has a very small shelf life, and hence should be immediately consumed after it is bought. Mascarpone is actually called as curd cheese, as it is made in the same way as curd. Mascarpone is made with tartaric acid and can be easily made at home.


Gorgonzola is called as blue Italian cheese. Gorgonzola is made from goat as well as cow’s milk. In Italy, there is a small town called gorgonzola, where this cheese was actually made for the first time, and hence given the name “Gorgonzola cheese”. Gorgonzola cheese is sweet in taste and hence tastes yummier when combined with fruits and desserts. Gorgonzola also can be combined with salads and soups.


Parmesan, just like Gorgonzola, is named after the italian town, Parma. Parmesan is prepared after removing the cream from the cow’s milk. Parmesan is considered as one of the most popular Italian cheese and is enjoyed by one and all.