Occasional Splurging On a Diet

There are many of us who cannot manage a diet when we are not in our routine set up. You have found a way to ward off cravings when you are at office and in the comfort of your home. But the moment, you are not in your comfort zone, you are facing the calorie challenge again. We cannot be in the same places at all times.

There are social engagements, shopping outings, office parties etc when we have to fight the temptation. Also, some of us indulge a wee bit more than we should over weekends.We think that we have followed a diet strictly on the weekdays and we deserve a break. Sure thing, but make sure it does not sabotage the efforts you have put in throughout the week.

It look harmless, but weekend binging can either neutralize or even worse impair the calorie deficit you created during the weekdays. Yes, you can actually sometimes take in that many calories during your occasional treat! Buffets, open bars, entrees, waiters serving starters are all going to mar your efforts now.

Once you start binging, you will be unable to keep a count of calories you have ingested. So what can you do about it. One, you can turn into a loner for sometime and shut yourself up in the comfort of your home. Hardly an option, I must say. Otherwise just learn to ward off the temptation and keep counting the calories when you are outdoors. Here are some tips and tricks for this battle ground:

Firstly, never arrive at a mall or a party on an empty stomach. Hunger will only make you attack the food and your diet will go for a toss. In fact, eat your diet grub at home to your fill before arriving. This way you will be in control and will be careful before helping yourself with the food. Stay miles away from the open bar and dessert table.

These are extremely calorie dense sections, you will definitely end up crossing your calorie limit. Be careful, while loading your plate from the buffet table. First fill yourself with salads, veggies and lean meats. Go easy on the breads, cheese laden entrees and oily gravies. One of the best solutions, is to arrive late and do not stay at the party for a long. You will end up consuming lesser amount of calories.