Open Sandwich – An Ideal Breakfast Recipe

Open Face Sandwiches Ideally breakfast should be a heavy and healthy meal of the day. After a long gap of 6-8hrs of sleep our body requires enough energy to run and support its various functions .But due to our unhealthy life style and  scarcity of time ,we either end up  eating toasts or cornflakes.

Sometimes , we even  skip our breakfast  making it all the worst for our body. These unhealthy practices decreases the metabolic rate of the body and in long run slowly lead to various health ailments .Heart problem is the most common health problem caused due negligence of  breakfast .Therefore; one must always have a healthy breakfast.

Open sandwich is a perfect breakfast recipe for people suffering from health problems. The ingredients used in it make it a low in cholesterol and high fiber dish. Fruits are high in fiber and are a great source of various healthy nutrients, vitamins and proteins needed for our body. Open sandwich, gives us the option to include fruit in our diet. Beside this, it requires very less time and can be prepared very easily.

Preparation time – 10 min
Cooking time – 5 min,
Serving — 2 people

Preparation of open sandwich involves two stages

1) Salad preparation and
2) Dressing preparation

Ingredients for open sandwich

4 slices of brown bread or multi grain bread

Ingredients used for making salad

¼ cup of grated pears or apples, 1 tsp of finely chopped celery, 1 finely chopped spring onion, 1/2 cup of alfa-alfa sprouts.

Ingredients for making dressing

½ cup of low fat curd (whipped thoroughly so that there are no lumps), 1/2 tsp of mustard paste, salt and black pepper to taste.

Method of preparation

The first involves making the dressing for the sandwich. For this, mix all the above mentioned ingredients of the dressing in a mixing bowl and mix them thoroughly. In a separate bowl mix all the salad ingredients like grated fruit,sprouts,chopped celery, chopped spring onions .Depending upon the availability or preference of the fruit, one can replace pear with apple or vice- versa.

Now add the above salad mixture into the dressing mixture and mix them thoroughly. Cut the edges of the bread with a sharp knife .Now place the bread slice on the chopping board and spread the prepared mixture. Cover the same with another bread slice. Cut the sandwich into two halves with a sharp knife. Serve and eat them immediately.

Tips and precautions

One can prepare and keep the dressing and salad in advance. Keep them  in separate bowls  and mix them together only when you are making the sandwich.
Spread the mixture of salad and dressing on the bread only when you are ready to eat, else it becomes soggy.

Depending upon the choice preference and availability Alfa –Alfa sprouts can be substituted with other sprouts Similarly depending upon the choice preference and availability one can make open sandwiches with either whole wheat bread  or  multi grain bread or brown bread.

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