Parsley Dip

Parsley has a lot of health benefits. It is good for digestion and helps curing stomach pain. This herb can also be used as a garnish over foods and you can still get its health benefits. This recipe of parsley dip can be had with wafers or with carrot and cucumber sticks.

To make this dip you will need to hang one liter of curd in a muslin cloth for at least six to seven hours. Remove and keep in a bowl. If you do not have curd you can use heavy cream instead. To this add cleaned and chopped parsley and one tablespoon of cheese spread. Add a bit of lemon juice to this and also some finely cut onions. Also add salt and pepper to taste. You can also add half a chopped tomato and mix well. Keep this dip refrigerated. This can also be eaten as a sandwich spread. Give it to the kids as a sandwich for breakfast and with carrot sticks in the evening.

Do not cook parsley as it loses all its vitamins. Since you are using raw parsley in this recipe it has added health benefits. If you are pregnant then avoid eating this as parsley will cause contractions. But it is good to eat lots of parsley after your delivery as it helps in contracting the uterus.

There are other health benefits for those who eat parsley. It helps to clean the blood and is very helpful for those suffering from kidney stones. Parsley can be added to some boiling water and allow it to steep. Strain and drink for kidney stone problems. Eating fresh parsley will help fight bad breadth. Since it has so many health benefits eating this as a dip or in a sandwich will be highly beneficial to you.

It can be added to all your pastas just before serving so that the kids can benefit from this medicinal herb as well. Do encourage them to eat it from an early age. Avoid dried parsley as it tends to be bitter; instead use the parsley in which the leaves are flat.