Pineapple Mousse – Enriched With Goodness of Pineapple

Many of us always long for desserts after having our regular diet. A dessert is believed to effect calorie balance of your body. But recent researches have shown that if made wisely using healthy ingredients and taken in proper quantity, desserts can work like magic in boosting your digestion.

Here is a simple dessert which would delight you and boost your health too.

Preparation Time- 40-45 Minutes

Cooking Time- 10-15 Minutes

Servings- 4


Canned pineapple at room temperature- 6 slices, gelatin- 2 teaspoons, condensed milk- ½ tin, lemon juice- 3 teaspoons, cream- 250 gms, pineapple essence- a few drops, edible yellow color- a few drops, powdered sugar- 1 tablespoon, glazed cherries –(as required).


Take a small pan and mix half cup water and gelatin in it. Cook this mixture on low flame, stirring continuously till it becomes homogeneous. Now take condensed milk in a bowl and beat it till it becomes light and creamy. Now mix lemon juice and half cup of pineapple syrup from the tin in another bowl.

Now chop five slices of pineapple. Then mix these slices and pineapple syrup in the condensed milk. Now pour the gelatin mixture on the condensed milk mixture and keep it stirring continuously. Then keep the mixture to freeze for about half an hour.

Now remove the mixture from fridge and beat it till it becomes smooth. Fold this in 200 gms of cream and keep the remaining cream for garnishing the dish.

Add yellow edible colour and pineapple essence and make it smooth and let it freeze for another 15-20 minutes. Take it out of the fridge and beat it again till it gets smooth. Pour the dish in a serving bowl and let it freeze for 1 hour till it settles down.

Whip the remaining cream and powdered sugar. Remove the mousse from the freezer and pour whipped cream in a piping bag with star nozzle. And pipe a rosette on the surface of the mousse. Place glazed cherry on the mousse and serve it.

Health Benefits-

This delighting dessert will help in boosting your digestion. richness of milk, cream and sugar will give ample calories. pineapple will boost your immunity and give minerals necessary for immunity. however , be careful not to eat more than one serving of this dish at a time. as eating perfect leads to becoming perfect.

  • saurabh gupta

    Pinapple is my fav. and this recipy is gr8. Thankz 4 posting such gr8 article.