Post Pregnancy diet

Dietary change is very important after pregnancy. Dietary change helps you keep your body fit. Dietary plan starts with five meals a day which ensures that metabolic rate of your body finds a rhythm. You can have the breakfast and two main meals and add one to two snack sessions in between as well.

Most women tend to gain weight after the delivery. As metabolism activity is hard and continuous and that results in burning a lot of calories. While finding correct meals make sure that trans-fat, empty calories and carbohydrates are not in excess. Substitute the bad elements of your diet with some healthy food. For example you can have roasted chicken instead of fried chicken. Protein is very essential for your body after pregnancy.

You can include protein in your diet in the form of whole grain bread, chicken and soya bean. You should have a diet full of iron and calcium such as milk, eggs and green leafy vegetables. You can also take iron and calcium in the form of tablets.

A woman should avoid oily foods and drink a lot of water as well. Include fibers in your diet as well like daliya and grain bread. Sometimes woman’s body gets weak after pregnancy. Hormone insulin plays a major role in post pregnancy diet. You should not eat foods containing high glycaemic index. Include fruits in you diet like peaches, berries and apricots. You should include yogurt and nuts in your meal as it regulates the impact on blood sugar.

Fennel is particularly a good choice as it reduces your urge to eat and dissolves fat from your intestinal tract. You should start consuming mixed fatty acids. Cut down on intake of sugar and sweets. You should eat high nutrient foods. You should consult a specialist doctor as well for a good diet plan. You should include fish and eggs in your diet as well.

You should try to eat grilled meat instead of fried meat. You should try not to have large and heavy meals. You should be very particular with your supplements. Supplements like chlorine and inositol helps the body to burn unnecessary fats. Some supplements are very effective in food metabolization.