Proper Diet For Gallbladder Removal

Gallbladder Removal diet The body part gallbladder helps in almost nothing yet it is important. It is in the form of a sack and it stores bile juice, which comes from the liver in between meals. Now, is bile all that important? Yes, sir, I’m afraid that it is. What gallbladder does is, it squeezes the bile stored out after the meal and thus it mixes with the food in the intestines.

It mainly helps in the digestion of fat and also ferrying the fat from our intestines, through our body. It is normally seen that people, whose gallbladders have been removed, do not have to limit their fat intake as, it literally doesn’t change much.

The bile juice is surely a little lesser than previously, when the gallbladder contributed in storing some; but the bile produce at times and now stored in the intestines, is still enough to process the fat.

Proper Diet For Gallbladder Removal

Diet Before

Though most of the recommendations and restrictions are for post operation, there is one particular rule to be followed beforehand. The surgeon or the doctor directs the patient not to have anything solid or rather anything liquid even (other than just water) through the 12 hours preceding the surgery.

Diet Post Surgery

Post surgery, the patient has to follow through a tide of rules, to keep himself/herself fit, recovering and alive, because one wrong move may trigger septic and a lot of other side effects of the surgery.

Liquid Diet

A liquid diet is strictly to be followed after the operation has been completed. The span of time of this diet can range from a couple of days to a week or so, depending on the recovery rate of the individual. All this time, all a patient can have are juices, soups, tea, ice pops, water, etc.

Diet For Gallbladder Removal

Changing the Diet

After your doctor gives you a green signal for solid foods, don’t get your hopes much up. Though your current bile juice level can digest the fats had, you have to control the amount of fat taken, for easing the digestion and other health purposes.

You have to avoid high fat foods like broccoli (yippee!), nuts, fried foods, fatty foods and other cabbage family vegetables. Also try and avoid spicy foods. In addition to testing your digestive system, these foods will also cause you gas and bloating.

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Regular Norms

After you have started eating hard textured foods, in full flow, there are a few guidelines, which better be followed, or the doctor will be after your intestines next! Just kidding! However, some rules which have to be followed are given here.

Adopt and maintain a low fat diet. It keeps your whole body fit, your liver in top shape and your pancreas too. Low fat foods also mean healthier foods and thus mean a lot less risk of running into future health problems.

Instead of preparing foods by frying them, go steaming, baking or sautéing the food. On the animal meat front, try and slim out as much as animal fat as possible. Go for whole foods instead of processed foods.

There may be occasional occurrences of diarrhea or constipation after the removal of gallbladder. It is not abnormal and nothing to panic about; just consult your doctor or have the regular over the counter medication.