Recipe For Cabbage Soup

Cabbage soup is a very unusual type of soup since not many would have heard about it. it is included in a special liquid diet plan but it is totally worth being included in regular diet as well. With such a mouth watering taste, it is quite a delicacy. The best thing about this soup is that its taste is different, it is easy to make plus it has only 15 minutes of preparation time. So let’s begin with making this delicious soup at home.

Since it is included in a weight loss diet plan, it has low calories which is very good for health and if you are looking for a nice evening with soup and snacks, this is made for you. So for ingredients, you need a small chopped cabbage, 2 green tomatoes which must be neatly chopped, black peppers about 2 in quantity, 2 green peppers but make sure that its seeds and stem as well removed from it, 2 onions of medium size which should be chopped, 3 sliced carrots, ½ cup of balsamic vinegar, 5 stalk of celery, fresh herbs finely chopped of choice and finally some sliced vegetables preferably beans about ½ cup.

So let us begin with the whole preparation of cabbage soup. Take a pan and heat it over medium flame and add the tomatoes.Cook for about 6 minutes and then add the onion, carrot, cabbage and beans. Cook then well and keep mixing throughout the process and stirring so as to blend them well. After cooking it, add all the remaining ingredients but make sure that you add spices in the end.

Cook them up well as well and then add up water as per required. Approximately, 6 cups of water would be sufficient for the quantity of vegetables used. Allow the whole thing to boil and make sure you add salt before boiling. Keep stirring. After an hour, you soup would be totally ready to be served. Pour soup in nice bowls and serve with some light snacks and have a perfect evening. So this is the recipe for cabbage soup.