Recipe for Vegetable Rice

Vegetable rice dish is a delicacy and a mouth watering dish. With such interesting ingredients and preparation process, the whole recipe of rice has been modified and the taste is like heaven. With such an easy recipe, you can make it at home only. So let us see its whole recipe. This whole recipe is for 5 servings so make it according to your requirement.

As for the ingredients, you would need rice about 1 kg, 5 green cardamoms, bay leaf about 2, 2 mace, 30 ml of oil, 80 g of onions, cauliflower about 100 g, carrot about 100 g, green peas about 50 g, coriander 20g, 10 g of mint, 50 g of curd, red pepper powder of 10 g, 5 g of turmeric powder, a pinch of saffron, 20 g of vegetable oil, 10 g of butter, 10 ml of cream, 2 ml of rose water, 1 lemon  squeezed, salt to taste, water, 3 g of juliennes ginger and shredded green pepper.

In a large bowls, boil some water and add vegetables to boil, meanwhile, soak rice in warm water to soften them so that they can be boiled easily. In a separate pan, heat some oil and sauté some bay leaf, crackle cardamom, mace and onion for some time. Then, add the rest of vegetables and cook them well. Add turmeric, salt, ginger, mint, green chilli, coriander, whip curd and cream. In a pot, add some water and mint, coriander leave, lemon mace, salt and then bring a boil to them. Add entire rice to it and cook them.

When the rice seems to look ready, stain it. Take the stock of vegetables that you just cooked that must be used as topping. Then comes the final part. Make use of butter, saffron, rose water, mint leaves, green cardamom powder and coriander leaves and add it in the rice, and finally cover the pot with a plate. Cook for 7 minute. And the dish of vegetable rice is ready. Then take neat plates serve it hot with yoghurt if you wish. make sure that your hot.