Recipe For Weight Loss

Losing weight is an up hill task which most of us experience. What is even more difficult is resisting what we like to eat the most.  But many dietitians and health consultants are of the opinion that if we follow some simple tests you can still follow a diet and eat healthy meal.

One needs to discover new recipes to make an interesting delicious meal with healthy ingredients. Many chefs offer a lighter version of many recipes which are heavy in calorie. If one is on a diet avoid the food which is rich or use a non stick pan to cook and spray oil instead of using butter.

If the recipe needs oil then switch to healthier version like canola oil. Canola has less saturated fat and more unsaturated fat which is healthy. Cream can be substituted with one percent milk or yogurt for deserts and soups.

One can choose to use an egg substitute in recipe which has more than one egg. Chopped nuts, bacon, olives and other high sodium ingredients can provide the same flavor at lesser calorie.

Leaner meats from the center, loin, white meat of poultry, fish are much healthier and facilitate in light cooking. Using lime instead of butter or cheese will provide an interesting twist to the meal and will give a new flavor with much lesser amount of calories.

Feel free to use your imagination and bring in your character to the new recipe you are trying. One should learn that by reducing 50% of the sugar in the dish will not alter its flavor. One can substitute oil with fruit in breads and other baked food. They keep them moist, delicious and very soft. If cheese is the main ingredient then use those which provide rich flavor but are easy on fat.

Some cannot sleep without a glass of milk. One percent milk will have the same taste with much lesser fat content. Switch to lighter butter than the regular butter and take cold cereal for breakfast. A breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and never skip breakfast and dinner but one can skip lunch.