Recipe Of Chicken With Saffron And Chilli

Chicken is one dish that can be experimented with till no extent and chicken with saffron and chilli is one such example of it. It can be prepared in just 30 minutes which is the best thing about it. So for the serving of four people, here is a great recipe.

For ingredients, you require 4 chicken breasts with skin on, a pinch of saffron threads, a tsp of red chilli (make sure that it is finely chopped plus deseeded), 2 tsp of chopped mint leaves, 2 crushed garlic flakes, 1 lemon which should be skin cut in to chunks plus juiced, 3 tsp olive oil, salt to taste, 150 g of frozen peas, 250 g of couscous or rice and finally, 200 g of cherry tomatoes (cut them into half before use).

So let us begin with the preparation of chicken with saffron and chilli. Take a large bowl in which you can put saffron, mint, chilli, garlic, half lemon’s juice, lemon’s skin pieces, chicken. Mix all these ingredients well and marinate inside the fridge for about 20 minutes at least. Now, heat the grill in the medium high and put the chicken where the side skin should stay up over the tray for roasting with the marinade. Season with salt over the skin and grill this until you see the skin becoming golden and crispy.

This would take about 10 minutes to get fully done. Then turn the chicken over and do further cooking for about 6 to 7 minutes. This would make sure that the chicken is thoroughly cooked. While this is getting done, take a bowl and put rice in it. Add 400 ml of boiling water to it and cover up with plate. Keep the plate over it till the water is fully absorbed. Take a separate pan and cook peas in it with boiling water. Do it for 4 minutes and the drain it. mix the prepared rice along with lemon juice and tomato and do the seasoning. The dish is ready so serve it with chicken, leftover stock juices plus the lemon chunks.