Renal Failure Diet

Renal failure can be defined as the kidneys’s inability to eliminate toxins and wastes from the body.This results in accumulation of these wastes in the body which can ultimately even lead to death.

This is a very serious ailment and should not be left untreated.Few symptoms of this disorder are fatigue, lack of appetite, sleeplessness, increased hypertension etc.It is assumed to be caused as a result of certain injuries, ailments like diabetes, blood pressure etc.

A number of treatments like dialysis and medications are available to treat renal failure.But it has to be detected fast and treated as early as possible to avoid complications.Severe cases might require kidney transplants.Apart from these treatments diet also plays a very important role in treating renal failure.

The right diet is very important to recover from renal failure fast.These dietary changes will be recommended by your doctor and you will have to follow these strictly.You will have to keep away from foods rich in proteins like eggs, meats, milk and milk products etc.It is not possible to eliminate proteins from your diet but you will have to ensure that the foods you have has minimal amounts of proteins.

Likewise, you will have to keep a check on your sodium intake also.Sodium is present in most foods like processed meats, canned foods and even in salt.Lessen your intake of salt and wash such processed foods throughly to get rid of at least some amount of sodium.Also visit your doctor and find out if you can have potassium in your diet.

Because in some cases of renal failure excessive potassium gets accumulated in the body and under such circumstances you should limit your intake of potassium also.Also keep track of your phosphorous intake as excessive phosphorous is also not good for your state.

You can have foods rich in simple carbohydrates to fulfill the nutritional requirements of your body.You are also supposed to have adequate amounts of water to eliminate toxins from your body.However, your intake of fluids should be reduced if you are on dialysis.Make sure that you visit your doctor regularly and follow these tips to recover from renal failure fast.