Rice Is Actually Good!

Rice is the staple food for many countries and is eaten boiled in countries like India, China and S-E Asian countries. But the general belief is that rice makes you fat and people on diet should avoid it any cost. The truth is otherwise. Scientists have proved that rice is actually good for you and will not add any extra kilos.

Rice actually contains the essential carbohydrates that will not make you fat. In fact, 100 gm of rice has only 0.4 gm of fat and only 100 calories. This is same to the composition of whole wheat and hence rice cannot be more fattening than foods like wheat.

Rice is very easy to digest and doctors recommend rice for patients suffering from diarrhea. Rice with cooked beans is actually a healthy food that millions of people enjoy across the world. Further studies have also revealed that rice also contains starch and fiber. It takes a little bit of time to digest rice so more energy is used. If you buy packed high quality rice you will find that it also has calcium, vitamin B, niacin and thiamine.

People suffering from high blood pressure can safely consume rice as it has no cholesterol or sodium. Diabetics can also consume rice but for them brown rice will be a better option. Brown rice is full of complex carbohydrates, starch and fiber.

One thing that people should keep in mind while cooking rice is that you should wash the rice thoroughly first and then soak the grains for 15 min at least. The best way to cook rice is in the rice cookers or pressure cookers wherein the water soluble nutrients are not drained away.

So contrary to popular belief, rice is highly nutritious and can form a part of your diet plan if you plan to have rice in moderation. It is however believed that Basmati rice is much more nutritious than the other qualities though the only deterrent factor is the hefty price tag. But still each has its own quality so as long as you have any type of rice and not in excess amount, you wont be missing out on the extra nutrition.