Rice Risotto With Bread

This is essentially a rice preparation. It tastes best when made from long grain rice. A bit under cooked rice is good to make this preparation. If you are in a hurry you can use any left over rice.

This is not only healthy to eat but also very filling. It is enough to serve just this at dinner. Since this preparation is essentially non-spicy, the kids can also enjoy it.

Once the rice has boiled keep it aside. Heat olive oil in a thick bottom pan and add two finely chopped spring onions. Chop the spring onion greens and keep aside. Sauté the onions till they become pink and then add half of the finely chopped capsicum, to it. Cook till soft.

In another pan make white sauce. For this, mix together one cup of milk, grated cheese, a tablespoon of butter and let it boil. Once boiled add one tablespoon corn flour mixed in half a cup of water, to the milk. Keep mixing till it thickens. Add salt and pepper to make it tasty. Add chopped celery and the spring onion greens.

Mix the white sauce with the sautéed onion and capsicum. Stir well. This does not need to be cooked again. Add rice and mix it well with the preparation. Refrigerate this for two hours. This will allow the rice to soak up the white sauce.

Before serving pour it into a baking dish and sprinkle lots of grated cheese over it. Bake it for half and hour at two hundred degrees Celsius. Serve hot with bruchetta.

For making bruchetta, mix olive oil with finely chopped tomatoes. Add red chilli flakes and oregano and spread on bread buns.Add some grated cheese to it and bake for ten minutes at a low flame.

To serve the risotto you can pack some of it tightly into a small bowl. Allow it to settle and take the shape of the bowl. Overturn the bowl onto your serving plate and add two pieces of bruchetta on the side. Also add a few sprigs of mint leaves to give it a finishing touch.