Savory Instant Oatmeal Ideas

Oats is very popular as a breakfast cereals. Oats are widely available in the market and are available in many forms. Oats is widely popular as it can be made instantly without much hassle. The oats that we often get in the market are flavored with raisins, almonds and other dry fruits so that it tastes better. Many individual prefer to start their day with oats. It is nutritious and it also helps you to keep your cholesterol under control. Oats absorb any liquids very quickly so one can always think of recipes with pasta or risotto and incorporate the same idea in oats to make more innovative and delicious dishes.

There Are Many Savory Oatmeal Ideas:

Bacon And Egg Oatmeal Carbonara

You can start by preparing the oats according to the instructions in the packet. You could also add some fried onion salt and pepper to the oats. In a pan or wok you could also cook two pieces of bacon and chop it. In the wok you can prepare scrambled eggs. Next add the bacon and add the oatmeal that has been prepared and set aside. Stir it well and mix all the ingredients properly. Later you can always garnish it with some parmesan cheese.

Oatmeal And Egg Breakfast Bowl

You can always be innovative and add some avocado or some fresh fruit slice with your oatmeal. One can also make some fried egg and put it as a topping on the oatmeal for an added flavour Add some pepper and serve with some ketchup.  It is a wonderful recipe.

Make  Savory Miso Oatmeal

The normal oatmeal that you prepare at home can be seasoned with some miso Miso helps to enhance our energy. Firstly, you need to cook the oatmeal over a low flame. You could use some tofu and about three tablespoons of miso powder. Cook for a few minutes and garnish it with sesame seeds or with scallions.

Mushroom Oatmeal

If you are fond of mushrooms then you could always plan of making mushroom oatmeal. In a large wok you can sauté some vegetable such a cabbage, carrots or beans and some mushrooms. Prepare some oatmeal with chicken or vegetable broth to make it tastier. Set the oatmeal preparation aside for some time .Add the vegetable s and mushrooms and sprinkle some pepper for an added taste. Serve hot.

Choose Larger Oat Flakes

Oats is   considered to be balanced and healthy diet to start your day with. Choose large flake oats to start your day. The large flake oats gets cooked fast and can be easily used in other dishes for an added taste. One can also make desserts out of oats.

Coat Cutlets Or Chops With Oats

Oats can also be had with a combination of several fruits such as banana, apple or grapes. Simply cut some fruits and add to your oatmeal for a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. You can also make muffins or cookies with oats. You can also coat cutlets or chops with oats to make it taste crispier than bread crumbs.

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