Shrimp Recipes

Pickled shrimp means you can keep the preparation for long without the chance of it getting spoiled and shrimp is an all time favorite. It also carries a number of health benefits. Though shrimp contain a good amount of cholesterol, they are rich in protein, zinc, and omega 3 fatty acids. It also contains vitamin B which increases immunity.

•    1 kg medium size shrimp
•    6 tablespoon oil
•    100 grams dry chilies
•    4 teaspoon cumin seed
•    1 tablespoon mustard seed
•    1 teaspoon white pepper
•    1 teaspoon turmeric powder
•    1 cup vinegar
•    250 grams garlic
•    2 tablespoon mustard powder
•    2 tablespoon molasses
•    Salt

Shell the shrimp and remove its vein. Then wash them properly and keep them on a strainer for at least one hour to strain the water. After that rub salt on the shrimp. Ground cumin seed, chili, mustard seed, and white pepper and mix them in the vinegar along with the turmeric. Make a paste of garlic and mix it with mustard powder and salt. Again mix vinegar with this paste. In a bowl mix this paste with previously ground spice. Add molasses and mix all the things well.

Now heat oil in a pan and fry shrimp for nearly 7-10 minutes. Do not over cook them. After the shrimp are fried remove it from oven and let it cool. Now pour shrimp along with the oil in the vinegar mixed with spices. Mix them well and preserve them in an airtight bottle.

This pickle will remain alright for about a year. But keep the bottle now and then under direct sunlight. The heat helps to keep the pickle perfect.

In the same way you can also make such pickles of chicken or any other meat. A pickle is a very useful thing. You can eat it either with bread or rice. Suppose you have very short period in your hand for the preparation of food. Take a slice of bread, spread little amount of pickle and eat it.

It is also a good combination with hot rice and salad. Most of the people like shrimp or chicken most so they will be glad when they get a scoop of shrimp pickle along with their regular food.