Snacks Or Brunch Low Fat Recipes With Blueberries

Winters greet and invite lot of fresh fruits and you wish to have them in breakfast, lunch and in dinner. One of the winter’s prominent fruit is blueberry with is also known as fruit of North America.

The ecstasy will increase if you have some delicious yet healthy and low fat recipes then nothing like consuming blueberries. A dietitian recommended that blueberry is very rich source of nutrients and potent antioxidants. People who are suffering from heart disease, high cholesterol or even diabetes must add blueberries in their daily diet plan since it helps reduces the cholesterol and sugar level and strengthen the immune system.

Pancake with blueberry syrup

Ingredients: One cup of fresh honey, one cup of frozen blueberry, 2 cups of refined flour, baking soda half table spoon, white part of two eggs, two cups of butter milk, two table spoon on vanilla extract, granules of cinnamon and some pieces of processed cheese. Once all the ingredients have been arranged start with boiling process of blueberry with honey till the mixture reduces to one cup quantity.

After finishing the preparation of blueberry syrup, take a bowl and add the refined flour, baking soda, salt as per taste, egg white, vanilla extract, cinnamon granules and for bit of sweetness add the 2 table spoon of honey. Make the pancakes with mentioned assortment and serve hot as snacks in morning or one can consume during brunch time.

Blueberries tartlet


two cups blueberries, one small spoon of orange juice, one small spoon of lemon juice, one fourth spoon of vanilla essence, 4 table spoon of brown sugar, oil about two big spoons, two third cup of almonds and one fourth cup of dates. Now move ahead with final preparation of tartlets.

Blueberries, orange juice and lemon juice, vanilla essence, and sugar should be mixed in a bowl. Separately grind the almonds and turn into powder. Similarly make the paste of dates adding some water. Add both the almond and dates powder and paste to make the tartlets, finished tartlets should be placed in refrigerator for about two hour for firming. After two hours stuff the blueberries and juices mixture in tarts and serve.