Special K Diet For A Slimmer You

Special K Diet If you want to look fit and fabulous for the upcoming bikini season then the Special K diet will certainly be a handy ally in your weight loss journey.

Developed by Kellogg, the Special K diet can aid in shedding nearly six pounds in a fortnight by just munching on their cereals and several assortments of products for the foremost meal of the day and your lunch, though, dinner is left to personal choices. For supplementary snacking, a person can eat loads of veggies and fruits along with duo snacks from the Special K range.

Breakdown of the Special K Diet

The Elaborate Special K Diet Plan Includes

A serve comprise of wheat-rice combination of mildly toasted cereal from Special K along with 160 milliliters or two-thirds cup of low-fat or skim milk and fruits for breakfast. Lunchtime can be a replica of the first meal or opt for Special K meal replacement products like their protein shakes and meal bars that are available in an array of taste-appealing flavours.

There isn’t any recommendation regarding the contents or portion size of dinner, which the user has to themselves judiciously decide and eat sensibly so that the efforts of calorie skimming through the day aren’t negated by the wrong choices at dinner.

Choices abound for mid-meal snacking and you could make a pick from Special K snack assortment of 9 varieties of cereal bars, low fat granola bars, duo options each for multigrain crackers, protein snack bars and chips as well as trio choices of Protein Water Mixes that can be added to your drinking water – all of them promoted as light or low calorie substitutes to regularly eaten snacks.

Special care has also been taken for catering to munch-sized snacking choices in the form of Special K Mini Breaks that are low in fats and available in 4 appealing flavours.

Special K Diet – What Works and What to Expect

Majority of the Special K product line isn’t whole-grain hence they have a tendency of being less in proteins and fiber which is essential to proffer a sense of satiety and fullness.

Hence, one must select a cereal with higher amounts of fiber and protein for the initial two meals or else hunger might set in within 1-2 hours of having eaten it. Dieters must also scan through the labeling and serving size of the cereal or bar they plan to eat and use measuring cups for ensuring that they do get the suggested portions.

The Special K Diet is ideal for the interim period as it does slash calories since one is consuming meals that are just about one to two hundred calories in worth. Furthermore, the self selection for the final meal of the day is what appeals to majority of the dieters.

However, Special K diet followers ought to be warned about the hunger pangs that will set in based on what one is accustomed to consuming. The basic economical nature of the Special K diet is a plus point and ideal for using as a prologue to a long-term balanced diet and weight reduction plan which incorporates physical activity.

A large number of Special K diet followers tend to shed water weight at the onset on a weekly basis which then slackens later on. The Special K diet is an ideal choice for all those people who normally skip breakfast/other meals or gorge on junk/calorie-rich food items.

The monotony of consuming a lot of cereal products can be resolved by consuming at least four to five cups of veggies and fruits daily for an innate reduction of calories and offering valuable immunity and nutrition to the body.

If unhealthy lifestyle habits and eating patterns aren’t rectified then a regain of lost weight would most likely occur once you are off the Special K diet.