The Best Diet To Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a very common condition encountered by many individuals over the globe. This is the one cause which increases the chances of encountering any kind of heart disease, heart attacks or strokes, in an individual.

While medications are prescribed and they seem to work most of the times, unnecessary medication is not always preferred. In many cases, as it has been seen, a proper diet change was all it took to change the high blood pressure and take the person back to normality.

In addition, unlike medication, this ‘substitute medication’ can be followed through a person’s life, keeping him/her fit in more ways than one.

Best Diet To Lower Blood Pressure

Dash Diet

One of the proven and most effective treatments for lowering the blood pressure via diet is the DASH treatment. The full form of the abbreviation stands as Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension.

The routine for normal persons, not diagnosed with anything, goes like this: take to the maximum of about one teaspoon (2300mg) of sodium a day and for the persons having high blood pressure, the amount is 1500 mg a day.

Best Diet To Lower Blood Pressure

Our bodies need the sodium and that is why the amount is not being shut down totally, but if an excess amount is taken, fluid increases and thus there’s fluid retention causing weight gain and further still higher blood pressure.

The process entails you not having any extra amount of salt. That means no fast, processed foods or no extra amount of salt while you are having your lunch, dinner, etc.

Low Fat

Just as salt/sodium, fat is essential to the body in some parts, in very limited amounts. The total fat intake in a day should be about 25%-30% of the total calorie intake, the source of which should be mainly peanuts, canola, avocados, olive oil, hazelnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts, sesame seeds, etc.

Diet To Lower Blood Pressure

Make sure the type of fat you are consuming is either of these 3: monosaturated, saturated and polysaturated fats and nothing else. Totally avoid richer forms of fat filled foods like lards, butter, coconut oil, processed foods, etc.

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Other Foods

You have lessened quite a bit of your options in feeding yourself, though there have been simultaneous increase on some account, you need to have other foods, which are rich in fiber and other minerals, to keep you healthy and running.

Start having fresh fruits and vegetables regularly, which will more or less take care of the fiber needs of your body. Fruit juices (or course, homemade ones) can also help your body gain some of the necessary nutrients.


It has been also seen that alcohol helps maintain and lower the blood pressure level, when taken in moderation and in control. Alcohol helps in keeping the heart fit. The amount to be taken is 30 ml (1 peg) for women and 60 ml, or less, (for men).

It must be kept in mind that the lines should never be crossed because if you do, firstly it will kill your lungs and then a higher increase will make your heart say ‘bye’. Stay safe!