The Colors of Health: Know the Nutritional Value of the Food by its Color

Nutritional value is the keyword in any diet and fitness plan. Doctors and dieticians recommend foods on the basis of nutritional value. We have to depend on their recommendations and other guides. There is a much simpler way to know about the nutritional values of the foods, it is their color. Experts say that color of a food says lot about its vitamins and other nutritional components. Health experts specially recommend foods of 3 colors which are orange, white and blue due to their rich nutritional components. What is so special about the foods of these colors? We will discuss about the health benefits about these trio.

Orange: Fruits and vegetables Ingredients in this color are rich in vitamin C, carotene and various other nutrients that help to refresh your body and mind and reduce aging signs. Foods of this color also help to prevent fatal disease like cancer. They are good for the heart as they lower your cholesterol level and blood pressure. Orange colored foods also help in forming collagen which maintains healthy joints. Now let’s discuss some of the good things about fruits of orange color-

  • Oranges-One of the most nutritional fruit and a rich source of vitamin C. Orange provides you with antioxidants (the reason behind that glowing face!) and with fiber. Regular consumption of oranges can boost your immunity.
  • Carrots- Improves your vision, a rich source of vitamin K and C. Improves your blood sugar level and is anti-cancer.
  • Papayas: rich in folic acid and other enzymes. It is a natural laxative and a good source of vitamins.

White: Foods of white color provide you with stronger immunity and is good for your heart as they reduce the cholesterol level and blood pressure. Some of the white foods are-

  • Onions and garlic: They are rich source of sulfides and allicin (a chemical) which are anti-diabetes, anti-tumors, controls cholesterol and blood sugar.
  • Radish: Rich source of fiber and a natural laxative. Good for skin and eye.

Green: The best source of vitamin, fiber, calcium. Folic acid and beta-carotene are green foods. They prevent cancer, high blood pressure, blindness, and indigestion. Some of the green foods are-

    • Spinach-High iron and folic calcium helps in digestion and good health
    • Broccoli: Has anti-cancerous properties. Have anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins.

    So pick your color to be healthy!