The French Woman’s Diet

This is a diet which was drawn up and actually targeted at helping women lose weight. Those who have followed this diet have found that they can lose up to fifteen kilograms quite easily. This diet does not advocate the use of certain foods, but looks at correcting the approach to food itself. The belief is that once you approach foods in the right fashion, you are likely to eat correctly and better, thereby reducing the problem of over eating.

The diet is gradual, and they make no claims about having to change things overnight. They simply give you recommendations that will help you bring slow but permanent changes into your life.

The French Women’s Diet advocates that you should neither leave your table after a meal feeling hungry, or too full. You should find a moderate eating mechanism, and eat just as much as you need to. This would vary depending on your body and the lifestyle you lead.

Eating and dieting should not become an obsession. Treat it as normally and casually as you would any other routine activity in your day. The more you worry over it, it will weigh on your mind, and you would have an increasing urge to eat.

This diet is completely against skipping any meals. It’s basis is that the body must have the three major meals through the day for optimum functioning. You should have good, fresh food rather than the readily available ones. Also, you should have a balanced meal which contains all the necessary nutrients required by the body in the right proportions. It is completely against replacing a meal by having a drink or a milkshake.

The diet subscribes to the theory that you should eat less, but each more quality foods. It is better to eat this than have large portions of sub standard foods. Make sure your ingredients are fresh and organic, and use the best quality breads and wheat products. You should be able to plan what you want to eat well in advance, and not just reach for what is readily available.

You should make eating an activity. Sit down and take time to eat. Enjoy and relish your food slowly. Not only will you be able to eat less, you will also feel more satisfied after having eaten.