The Hip and Thigh Diet

There are plenty of diets which have been talked about, and you can read about them to know more. Depending on your body type and what you are looking to achieve, you can then find something which you think will benefit you in the long run.

The Hip and Thigh Diet, like the name suggests, is about weight loss, with a special emphasis on working the hip and thigh areas to shape. It advocates an eating pattern which has been carefully thought out. This helps negate the possibility of craving foods and binging on them. It is also not very strict and counting calories eaten from every nibble.

This diet advocates certain allowances for each food type, be they milk and other dairy products, meats, poultry, fruits and vegetables and even fibre. With this diet, your intake of carbohydrates is moderate, and on some occasions could even be high.  You will eat only a moderate amount of protein, and will have a very low intake of fats.

The greatest benefit of this diet is that it allows all food types. This will make sure that the body gets all its nutrients, and you are less likely to suffer from any deficiencies. The only thing that you might need to be careful about is that you will have a significantly low intake of good fats. This is a great diet for people who have tried all kinds of diets but have found it difficult to stick to them. This is very friendly and easy to follow, and you will have enough opportunity to experiment and vary your foods.

The foods that are recommended on this program include cucumber, celery, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, small servings of potatoes which do not have any fat added to them, tea or coffee which has not been sweetened, but occasionally contains a little skimmed milk. The forbidden foods are cream and margarine, oily and fried foods, fish and meats high in fat, products made from egg and cheese, the skin of poultry, the yolk of eggs, nuts, ice creams and chocolates.

Along with the diet that is recommended, you are also advised to follow a moderate ad regular exercise routine.