The Law of Attraction – A fast Weight Loss Method

Tired of learning laws in your Physics classes…you’ll never be tired of learning this one though. It is called the law of attraction. The universal law of attraction states that whatever you think of or want to be is what you attract or that comes back to you. To practice the law of attraction or LOA as it is commonly called you need to first clearly define what you really want.

It is very easy to define what you do not want like breathlessness while climbing stairs or an obese body or wearing loose clothes and the like. Tell the universe clearly what you want…thin legs, a sexy body, a flat tummy win in a 5 km race and so on. When you keep yourself focused and keep thinking that way, that is the way you become.

Secondly it is important to love your body no matter how obese you are. Begin thinking positive, imagine yourself running 5 kms real fast or wearing the tight jeans you wore years back or wearing the sexy purple outfit for a party. Generally people on weight loss plans worry more that nothing has happened rather than focus on how slim and trim they are going to be after the dieting plan is over.

Do not worry, it does more harm than good rather be positive you will see amazing results. The logic is if you focus on weight, worry and misery that is all you will get but if you focus on a healthy slim and trim body that’s exactly what you get in return.

Another wonderful method to make use of the law of attraction would be to make a list of negative thoughts about yourself…actually write them down. You may feel that you will never become thin, or your parents made you fat or your genes are that way and it would never change and so forth.

Make a positive statement for each and actually kick out those old beliefs you will surely begin to see results and actually be surprised yourself. A positive mind, a committed heart and you are definitely on the way to a beautiful slim and trim body.