Three Wonderful Preparations of Green Peas

Peas are not only attractive to see. They provide twice the protein of most vegetables. And for this reason they are the ideal substitute for fattier protein.  The fiber content in peas helps to regulate intestinal work and lower the cholesterol in body. Peas also provide high amount of iron. So eat peas everyday. Here are few tasty preparations with peas.

Peas with Egg:

To make this preparation you need two eggs and 100 grams green peas. Boil eggs. Then shell them and make thin slices of eggs. Now boil some water adding salt. When it has already boiled, remove it from oven. Soak your peas in this water for 10-15 minutes.

Then strain the water. In a pan heat 1 table spoon butter. Add peas and sprinkle salt. Keep on stirring whole thing continuously. When you have almost completed frying,  sprinkle little amount of black pepper powder on the peas.

Now place the egg slices on a dish and pour the fried green peas upon it. You may sprinkle few drops of lemon juice if you like the tangy taste. Serve it hot. This preparation is sufficient enough to be served alone as nutritious snacks.

Peas with Shrimp:

Soak 200 grams of green peas in boiled salt water for 15 minutes. Shell double amount of shrimp and wash properly. Cut 100 grams of potato into small cubes. Chop one ripe tomato. Pour little amount of olive oil in pan. In that fry onion and garlic paste.

Add tomato and cook till it has melted into gravy. Now, add potato and shrimp in the pan. Sprinkle salt. Cook for 10 minutes keeping the lid on. When potato and the shrimp get tender add peas. Add Worchester sauce and soy sauce, each 1 table spoon. Stir continuously and serve them hot with bread or rice.

Peas with Broccoli:

Cut broccoli into small pieces. Now pour some olive oil in a pan and fry it. With it fry equal amount of green peas. Now beat a cup of plain yogurt (unsweetened and non-flavored) very well.

At the time of beating add salt, a teaspoon of mustard powder, a teaspoon of black pepper powder and pinch of sugar. Pour that yogurt on that fried broccoli and peas. It is a very tasty as well as a light preparation of peas.