Ulcer Diet

Ulcers are sores or bruises which occurs in the inner lining of the stomach.Ulcers should never be ignored because if left untreated, it may lead to bleeding ulcer which is a severe form of ulcer.

Few symptoms of ulcer includes weakness, vomiting, lack of appetite, weight loss, etc.It could bring about extreme amount of discomfort and irritation.So it is very essential to take certain steps to prevent ulcers.

Apart from making a few changes in your lifestyle, you should also follow a healthy diet to prevent ulcer.You can make certain healthy changes in your diet to prevent ulcers.

Some foods may trigger ulcers in some people and the same foods may not trigger ulcer in others.So it is important to find the foods that bring about ulcers in your case and avoid those as much as possible.Indulge in a healthy and well balanced diet.Instead of having 3-4 large meals a day, break down your meals into parts.Eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day.

This helps the digestive system to function better and also prevents ulcer.Come what may people prone to ulcers are not supposed to skip meals.Include foods rich in fibers to your diet like brown breads, oats, etc. to keep ulcers away.

Stay away from fruits and vegetables containing acids like citrus fruits etc.Ensure that you drink plenty of water throughout the day to prevent ulcers. Foods like junk foods, fried foods etc. may disrupt your digestive system as a whole.So avoid such foods to keep away from ulcers.

Keep away from red meats etc. but you can have limited amounts of lean meat, fishes etc.Also stay away from foods too spicy and containing lot of salt.Stick to organic foods and avoid processed foods and canned foods.Such foods contain preservatives like vinegar etc. which could trigger ulcers.

Cut down on your intake of tea, coffee etc. as these could result in ulcers.Switch to green tea instead because green tea is not only healthy but it also keeps ulcers away.Avoid dairy products rich in fats like cheese, butter, whole milk etc.However a glass of cold skimmed milk, yogurt etc. is good to keep ulcers at bay.Make sure that you follow this diet to prevent ulcer.