How To Make Veg Clear Soup

Yummy, delicious, filling and healthy are words that best describe this soup. It’s not just easy to prepare, but also easy to digest. We recommend, you try this recipe for dinner, as soups are quite filling and anything in liquid form is considered a lot better than eating chapati, vegetable, rice, dal etc just before going to bed. Especially, if you’re on a diet, you must have soups quite often. Here’s how to get started with the recipe…


Medium sized carrot – 1
Cabbage – ½
Medium sized tomato – 1
Medium sized capsicum – 1
Spinach – 16-20 leaves
Garlic – 3-4
Mushrooms – 80 gms
Bean sprouts – ½ cup
Vegetable stock or water – 5 cups
Lemon juice – 1tspn
Crushed pepper corns – ½ tspn
Oil – ½ tspn
Salt to taste


Wash and peel carrot, cut into two lengthwise. Make thin slices. Then, wash and dice cabbage into small sized pieces. Also, wash tomato and cut into quarter, remove seeds and dice it into small pieces.

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Now, halve and deseed capsicum and dice into small pieces. Then, clean spinach leaves, wash thoroughly and chop roughly. Also, peel and slice garlic. Now, wash and slice mushrooms. Then, heat oil in a pan, add sliced garlic to it and stir-fry till light brown.

Now, add the sliced mushrooms, bean sprouts and all the vegetables except tomato in the pan. Then, stir in vegetable stock or water and salt to taste. Bring it to boil and simmer for two minutes. Now, add tomato pieces and stir in lemon juice and crushed pepper corn. Serve hot.

Nutritional Value

Cabbage is a low calorie leafy vegetable that belongs to the cruciferous family like cauliflower, radish, turnip, brussel sprouts, etc. There are wide varieties of cabbage. The regular or western variety is low in B-carotene and Vitamin C but the Chinese variety commonly called Chinese leaf is very high in both. Also, cabbage has fair amount of potassium and choline.