Velvet Beans Benefits

Velvet beans are popularly known as mucuna prurient having long purple color flowers and thick hair pods. The velvet beans are mainly cultivated in the areas of Africa, West Indies, India, and United States. The other names of velvet beans are picapica, yerepe, cowitch, atmagupta, alkushi, cowhage, kiwanch, and kapicachu. Read the article below to know about velvet bean health benefits!

You would be glad to know that velvet beans are loaded with aphrodisiac and diuretic properties. They also act as a great tonic for your nerves.

Velvet beans are highly rich in proteins, lipids, minerals, carbohydrates and minerals. Moreover, they also contain high amount of novel alkaloids, sterols and saponins. Isn’t it wonderful? So do include velvet beans in your diet on regular basis.

You would be glad to know that since velvet beans are loaded with high amount of levodopa, therefore its regular intake can help in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, and balances blood sugar count in body.

Consumption of velvet beans helps in treating Parkinson’s ailments. In Central America, velvet beans are roasted and grounded to make coffee. In Guatemala, velvet beans are used for preparing dishes.

Velvet beans are also used for preparing bodybuilding supplements that helps in enhancing and improving human growth hormone’s production. In Brazil, velvet bean seed is used to cure ailments like intestinal gas, edema, worms, and impotence.

You would glad to read that velvet beans are used in ayurvedic medicines to get rid of snakebites, rheumatic disorders, worms, diarrhea, sexual debility, tuberculosis, dysentery, cough, muscular pain, gout, impotence, sterility, diabetes, menstrual disorders, etc.

Velvet beans acts as an important ingredient in preparation of various weight loss formulas, anti-aging and memory boosting formulas, etc.

For cooking velvet beans, soak them into water for 40-50 minutes and then cook them while hanging water several times otherwise it can prove dangerous to you!

One should avoid intake of velvet beans during pregnancy as the velvet bean seeds have uterine stimulant properties that can cause birth defects. Moreover, people with excessive androgen syndromes should strictly avoid intake of velvet beans as they increase the testosterone levels in your body.