Vitamin A Foods

Vitamin A Foods

Vitamin A is essential for the normal functioning of eyes and bones. It also helps to avoid various infections. Vitamin A is available in liver, cheddar cheese, fortified cereals, milk, spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash etc. Here are some recipes that help you to rectify your  vitamin A deficiency.

Creamed Spinach

This is a healthy recipe that adds vitamin A to your diet.

Take ten ounce of chopped frozen or fresh spinach and if it is frozen drain the liquid . Then get a large sauce pan and to this add one can of condensed cream of mushroom soup  and mix it with ten ounce of spinach. Add one tablespoon of butter and keep them in medium heat. Stir the contents in between. When this mixture started to boil then add garlic powder and salt. The entire contents will give you six servings and each serving accounts for 92 calories, 6 gram fat and 6 mg cholesterol. It also gives you 441 mg sodium, 3.6 gram protein and 7.5 gram carbohydrates along with 3 gram fiber.

Honey Glazed Snow Peas and Carrots

The ingredients used for making this are snow pea, carrots etc which are rich in vitamin A and hence will give enough vitamin A to meet your daily requirement.

Place a large sauce on stove and add salt water to the pan. Now add two cups of carrot slices to this water and cook it till it becomes crisp. It may take around 12 minutes. Then get half pounds of trimmed snow peas and cook it. Then drain the entire contents from the sauce pan and keep aside.

Now melt three tablespoon butter in the same saucepan and to this add half teaspoon of corn starch. Stir them well. Then add the cooked peas and carrots to the butter mixture. Also add two tablespoon of honey and combine the entire contents well. Heat the contents in  low to medium heat with occasional stirring till the entire things gets heated up. Now your honey glazed snow peas and carrots are ready to consume and the  natural sweetness and the zesty taste please everybody.