Weight Loss Surgery

Weight Loss Surgery

Lot of people are under taking weight loss surgeries now a days. Weight loss surgeries are for those people who does not lose weight even after doing regular exercise and following a healthy diet. It is normally done in men above 100 pounds weight and women above 80 pounds. Sometimes weight loss surgeries are also recommended for patients having sleep apnea, heart diseases, diabetes etc.

Causes of Obesity

Obesity occurs due to hereditary factors, excessive consumption of food, eating high calorie foods etc. When you consume excessive calories than what is required by the body,  then it will get deposited in your body as fat and leads to obesity over a period of time. Obesity  increases your risk of getting many diseases like blood pressure, heart diseases, heart burn, respiratory problems, sleep apnea, high cholesterol etc.

Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery may help you to reduce almost 80 percent of your weight. The surgery should be followed by a healthy diet plan and exercise . With weight loss surgery you may get relief from many of your health problems. It may also help you to achieve better appearance and mobility.

Types of Weight Loss Surgery

Restrictive Weight Loss Surgery

This is the physical reduction of the size of the stomach. This surgery may reduce the size of your stomach from melon size to egg size and this in turn affects your food intake.

Malabsorptive Weight Loss Surgery

The food we eat will pass through intestine and from where the nutrients are get absorbed to the body. In malabsorptive surgery the length of the small intestine is rerouted. Gastro bypass is a malabsorptive surgery.  Gastric bypass surgery is done to reduce the small intestinal length which lead to reduced  absorption of nutrients and calories from the food. This may also help you to reduce your weight drastically.


Now a day a combination of both restrictive and malabsorptive surgery is practiced for losing weight and this is called gastroplasty.

After weight loss surgery you need to follow strict dietary plans and exercise. This may help you to loss weight easily. In order to avoid nutritional deficiency you need to take nutritional supplements.