Weight Loss Using French Diet

The French diet is also considered to be an effective weight loss diet. The French are especially a choosy lot when it comes to eating options. This type of weight loss diet consists of all types of fresh whole foods. Sugary drinks and processed foods do not find a place in this type of weight loss diet. Natural foods occupy an important place in the diet of the French people.

The French always choose the best ingredients and fresh produce while cooking meals. Another notable fact is that the French portions are very small when compared to that of American portions.  Also French people drink a lot of water. This results in revving up their metabolic rate and keeping their internal organs like kidney and liver healthy and toxin free. The French people also give importance to eating their food slowly by savoring every bite and eating without distractions. All these factors indirectly results in reducing weight by eating in a healthy way.

The French diet Recipes includes a variety of fish, poultry, unprocessed meat, bread, grains, veggies and fruit and dairy products. They believe in having a diet with healthy, assorted items, with each food having good doses of the essential minerals and vitamins vital for long term health. They only concentrate on eating lesser portions. Also the intake of proteins is kept at a minimum level and is taken along with plenty of fruit salads and vegetables.

The French also include desserts in their meals. They order a medium sized cheese cake and share it among several people occupying a table. They also indulge in all sorts of pastries, croissants, baguettes and fruit salads, keeping in mind the portion size. These foods are available in France only in very small sizes, in contrast to what is available in other countries. Red wine is also consumed which accounts for the low rate of heart disease prevalent among the French people. Because of its nutritionally dense nature, the French also eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Olive oil is used in place of other hydrogenated oils used in other countries.

The advantages of the French weight loss diet are that there is no carb counting or deprivation and the diet includes wholesome and diverse foods.The French weight loss diet is an easy to follow, low-condition weight loss diet that can be implemented by everyone who only have to mainly concentrate on limiting portion size.