Wholesome Dinner For Your Family – Semolina Pancakes With Tangy Mixed Vegetable Curry

You may wonder everyday about what to cook for dinner. As we know dinner time food should be healthy as well as easy to digest. So that your family can stay fit and active. Our activeness depends on large extent on our diet. Here we tell you how to make tasty and nutritious semolina pancakes and spicy, tangy curry from mixed vegetables.

Stuff you need for it –

1.      semolina – ½ kg

2.      water- 4-5 cups

3.      beans – 50 gm

4.      yellow daal- 150 gm

5.      bottle guard/lauki- 150 gm

6.      green chilies- 10

7.      onion- 5 or 6 medium size onions

8.      turmeric-2 teaspoons

9.      red chilly powder- 2 teaspoons

10.  coriander powder- 3 teaspoons

11.  amchoor/ dried mango powder-1 tablespoon

12.  sambhar masala- 20 gm

13.  tomato- 2 medium sized

14.  asafoetida – a pinch

15.  dried red chilly- 4

16.  black mustard seeds- 10-20

17.  refined oil- 1 cup

18.  curry leaves- 5

Method of cooking –

First of all, wash yellow daal, then add chopped beans, bottle guard, tomato ,asafetida, turmeric and salt in to it. Keep it on flame to cook in a pressure cooker. Keep the flame medium and give it 3 whistles. Leave it to cool. In the meantime, finely chop the onions and fry these with 5 to 6 green chilies in 4 tablespoons of oil. Add a pinch of salt to it then take off from flame when it turns golden.

Now heat oil in a deep pan, and add curry leaves, black mustard seeds and dried red chilies. Let these crack, then add properly mixed cooked daal and vegetable mixture to it.

Mix it thoroughly. Take a bowl and mix tamarind and saambhar spices together in it , add some water. Add this mixture to the mix vegetables. Keep the flame low and cover it o cook for next 10 minutes.

Now take a big bowl and add semolina into it. Add water to it and mix it well. Then heat the ladle and evenly spread one teaspoon of oil over it’s surface. Take 2 large spoonfuls of semolina and spread it evenly on heated ladle. Let it turn crisp and golden, then turn on other side, add a pinch of oil and cook well. Similarly you can make other pancakes in the same way.

How to serve? – take one semolina pancake and keep some fried onion and green chilly mixture in centre. Fold the pancake. And take saambhar/ mix vegetable curry in a big bow.

Tip – always serve pancakes( hot) with curry.

  • vandana

    Hi i am vandana, this dinner recipy is great as it is time savy and has nutrition value for family. Thanks for this and please post some more recipies like this.