Why you are not losing weight

The key to loosing weight is finding the right balance between consuming and expending. So, if you are burning your target number of calories and expending more than you consume, you will loose weight. But it’s not that easy to loose weight. Sometimes, you keep making efforts but still don’t get the results. This is because there are many other factors that come into play. You should ensure that all your weight loss efforts are carried out in the right way and should inculcate habits that are conducive to weight loss. Given below are a few factors that influence your weight loss efforts.

Burning Enough Calories??
At times people overestimate the number of calorie they have burnt. After all, keeping a track of the amount of calories you have used is very difficult. When you exercise, the calories burnt depend upon the type, duration as well as the intensity of the exercise. So you should be aware of these, if you want to find out the effectiveness of your workout. A good way to record the duration as well as intensity of exercise is to use a journal or heart monitor.

There are many types of exercises; some of them involve working against gravity while others don’t. When you have to make your weight work against the force of gravity you burn more calories. This includes exercises such as running, walking, and aerobics. Exercises that do not exert gravitational pressure on muscle are swimming and cycling. Also, if the intensity of exercise varies then more number of calories are burnt.

Get Rest
Another important factor that contributes to weight loss is getting adequate rest or sleep. Numerous regulatory and growth hormones are secreted at night and while we sleep.  If you do not get enough sleep or rest then the release of these hormones could get affected. Also, habits like staying up late at night could make you snack more often, leading to an increase in calorie consumption.

Stress and anxiety also lead to weight gain and can come in way of your weight loss goals. Middle aged women are especially prone to this type of weight gain. Stress could also affect your sleep, thus restricting your weight loss.  In addition, stress aggravates food cravings. The increased binging adds to extra calorie intake.